Pastoral Care team Report May 9th 2017 for the Board of Management

The Pastoral Care Policy was reviewed on May 9th 2017 by the Pastoral Care Team. The Pastoral Care team is comprised of Deputy Principal Sandra Durkan, Guidance Counsellor Ms Comaskey, PE teacher Ms Brenda Kearney and Resource teacher Ms Philomena Coyle. Meetings are held once a month and as the need arises. Staff is updated via internal email in relation to some pastoral care issues.

A number of incidences were investigated as a result of information received from Anti-bullying audits that are conducted during Friendship week and when the need arises.

The Duty Care worker was contacted in three cases. Tusla were contacted in relation to student attendance in 14 cases.

CaHMs was recommended for five students.

NEPS psychologist has met with two families.

Parents are also contacted when necessary.  Further outside agency help is sought such as with the Community Garda and Longford Youth Services from time to time.

Every opportunity is given to each student to participate in school life and in extra- curricular activities to promote positive relationships and belonging. Staff is asked to be vigilant at break times and in class and to report any arising concerns. Much time is devoted to pastoral care issues. Any concerns raised are investigated and followed up with. Parents also provide the school with important information and raise concerns.

This year, three incidences occurred on the school bus involving students from our school and from another school. Many students have health issues ranging from short term illness to long term illness. Some students suffer panic attacks, others have low self-esteem, others have difficulty coming to school. Two cases of self-harming were reported.

The recommendations that are hoped to be implemented in September 2017 are: Ms Comaskey will have a pre-printed form in staff room so staff members who have concerns can register them formally as opposed to stopping a member of the team in the corridor or staff-room etc

Staff to be emailed after our meetings regarding list of students discussed.

Some pastoral care issues arose on bus transport and the pastoral care team will examine what can be done about this in Sept 2017

To renew efforts to revive the Parent’s Council for the coming years.

The Critical Incidence Policy will be reviewed.

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