Admissions Procedures


Application Procedures for 2021

Application for enrolment into First Year is open from Monday November 9th to Friday November 27th . Enrolment dates will be circulated to all the primary schools in the Cnoc Mhuire catchment area. Local newspapers and Parish notices also carry information of these dates. Enrolment after these dates can only be accepted on the basis of available places.

Please download our Admission Policy using the link below.

Cnoc Mhuire Admissions Policy 2020

2021 Admissions Application Form

Enrolment into First Year Cohort

Children will be enrolled into 1st year on receipt of the Application Form during the specified time-frame in November.  Parents must accept the school’s Code of Behaviour and agree that their son/ daughter will abide by it. Parents will be informed that they have a place and they must accept this place by Dec 18th. If the school is oversubscribed, placement will be offered to children who meet the following selection criteria:

  • Those who come from feeder schools within the catchment area
  • Siblings of pupils already attending the school
  • Sons/daughters of past students
  • If a grandparent is  a past pupil
  • Any other student

Those who enrol must be aged 12 on 1st January in the calendar year following the child’s entry into First Year. (Birth Certificate required). This is the minimum age requirement for all Post Primary schools.

First Year pupils take an assessment test in the school in late February.  Equal mixed ability classes are formed based on the test results.

Admission to Transition Year

Application for enrolment into Transition Year (Post-Junior Certificate) is made in April or early May. All prospective candidates are interviewed.

Transfer from another school

Application for enrolment into any other year, i.e. transfer from another second-level school, must normally be made before May 31st.
All transfers from other second-level schools (at any time) are subject to:

  • The school’s admissions policy.
  • The provision, by the other school, of records outlining the student’s attendance, attainment, discipline and progress.
  • Availability of space.
  • Decisions, in relation to admissions, are made by the Board of Management in accordance with school policy and the principles of natural justice.
  • Parents have the right, under Section 29 of the Education Act, to appeal to the Trustees of the school or to the Secretary General of the Department of Education and Science in the event of a refusal by the school to enrol a student.

Repeat Students

Repeat students will be accepted if resources are available and subject choices are suitable.

Discipline Policy

All applicants and Parents/Guardians must sign the Discipline Policy.

Special Needs

Students with special educational needs are welcomed. The school will access such students’ records from primary school/individual educational programmes in order to apply to the Department of Education and Science for resources to support students with special needs. Individual records may contain the following: educational, medical, physical or psychological reports. The SENO will be contacted in exceptional cases.