State Examinations


Students in the school sit State Examinations in June for attainment of:

  • Junior Certificate
  • Leaving Certificate
  • Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

The following links contain copies of the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert State Exam timetables for 2023.

LC TT 2023

JC TT 2023

Below are the deadline dates for component parts/ practicals/ orals etc for Leavign Cert 2023 and Junior Cert 2023

2023 Schedule for orals etc

JC schedule of exam dates

Students prepare for State exams by sitting Mock exams in each of their chosen subjects in February. This year’s Mock Timetables are attached below

Junior Cycle Mock Timetable (4) (1)ow

Leaving Certificate Mock Timetable 2023 (6)

Non-exam years sit house exams in May. 5th yrs sit House exams in Nov/ Feb/ May