Transition from Primary School to Cnoc Mhuire

In order to facilitate the smooth transition of pupils from primary to secondary school,

Cnoc Mhuire aims

• To provide prospective students and their parents with accessible information on the school.

• To maintain on -going contact with feeder primary schools, especially in

relation to pupils’ achievements, learning strengths and materials covered at primary level.

• To create a positive school climate that encourages good relationships between students, and between students and teachers

• To establish from the outset a good relationship between school and home

• To carefully monitor students’ academic and personal progress in first year in order to identify problems at an early stage

• To encourage students to participate in extracurricular activities with the aim of helping them develop new friendships and maintain a positive attitude towards secondary school.

Preparing for Secondary School 

School Prospectus

The school prospectus is an important source of information for prospective students and their parents. It describes the facilities available in the school; it outlines the school curriculum; and describes the provision of extracurricular activities.

Open Night and Information Evening

An Open Night is organised each year for sixth class and fifth class from the feeder primary schools. This provides the pupils with an opportunity to visit the school with their parents and experience the facilities available in our school. They also receive information on the curriculum and learn about the school’s extracurricular activities. It is also an opportunity for the pupils and to meet the staff and present students. The Principal addresses parents on the issues relating to the transition from primary to secondary school. In the course of this talk she outlines some of the potential difficulties and challenges facing pupils as they enter secondary school. She also highlights strategies used by the school to facilitate the smooth transition of pupils. 

 Procedures for Incoming Pupils


From OCT 26TH to NOV 17th 2023 Application form is available from the school website, from the office or by phoning or writing to the school. Application Forms and prospectuses are distributed to all 6th class students in the Feeder schools. This must be completed before a place can be offered. Within three weeks of the closing date for applications, the school will notify successful applicants. Along with their parents/guardians incoming pupils then complete an enrolment form which is in the school prospectus. A copy of the prospective student’s Birth Cert is also required.

The Assessment Test- CAT4 Assessment

An Assessment Test for incoming pupils is held in late February or early March of the year of entry.  Its aim is to provide an academic profile of each cohort and to identify any learning difficulties experienced by individual pupils. As pupils are divided intoFirst Year into Mixed Ability Classes, this test is also used to spread the ability range evenly between all classes.

Contact with Primary School by Learning Support Teacher

The Learning Support Teacher contacts each feeder primary school with a view to receiving all relevant information relating to pupils with learning difficulties. The purpose of this is to ensure a continuum of support when the pupils commences secondary level.

Assignment of Class Groups

Before the commencement of the school year, the incoming first year pupils are assigned to Mixed-Ability Class Groups.

Support Structures for First Year Pupils

Induction Day

New First Year Pupils attend an Induction Day on the first day of the term. They receive their timetable and are brought on a tour of the school. They also meet the Pastoral Care Coordinator and are introduced to the school’s Mentoring Programme. Each student receives a copy of the School Journal which contains important information on the school and is a vital link in the communication between school and home.

Class Teacher

A Class Teacher is assigned to each class. The role of the Class Teacher is to monitor the personal progress of their students and report to the year head/guidance counsellor any concerns they may have about any individual student.

Mentoring Programme

The aim of the Mentoring Programme is to involve senior students in assisting First Year pupils to make a successful transition from primary to secondary school. The mentors meet with their assigned groups and play a vital role in helping to resolve any problems experienced by the pupils in settling in to their new school.

Personal, Social and Health Education

As part of the school’s SPHE Programme, the transition from Primary to Secondary School is discussed with the pupils. In particular, the area of bullying is explored with all pupils.

Role of Guidance Counsellor

The Guidance Counsellor meets each First Year pupil on an individual basis in the course of the year. The purpose of this meeting is to monitor individual progress and to identify any problems which a pupil may  in first year in secondary school.

Learning Support and Resource Teaching

The Learning Support teachers use the available information to identify pupils with learning difficulties and put in place appropriate additional learning supports for these pupils.

Transition from primary to Cnoc Mhuire