Board of Management – Trustees

Board of Management – Trustees

In line with developments in many voluntary secondary schools at present , Cnoc Mhuire is administered by a Board of Management consisting of parents’, teachers and trustees’ representatives. CEIST is the new trustee body for the voluntary secondary schools of the Daughters of Charity, the Presentation Sisters, the Sisters of the Christian Retreat, the Sisters of Mercy and the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

The Cnoc Mhuire Board of Management and Trustees Oct 2020-2023

                                         Board of Management

                                                   Chairperson                    Sean Fegan
                                                   Secretary                         Pauline McBrien
                                                   Recording Secretary     Lorraine McCabe
                                                   Trustee                           Annette Drake
                                                   Representatives            Vincent Mulvey
                                                                                             Teresa Murtagh
                                                   Teacher                           Jennifer Bratten
                                                   Representatives            Brenda Kearney
                                                   Parent                             Lorraine O Hara
                                                   Representatives            Milosz Pawlowski

CEIST – Catholic Education and Irish Schools Trust

Catholic Education and Irish Schools Trust
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CEIST is the Trustee of Cnoc Mhuire Secondary School. It was formed when the following Religious Congregations came together –

  • Daughters of Charity, Presentation Sisters
  • Sisters of the Christian Retreat, Sisters of Mercy and Missionaries of the Sacred Heart

The following are the core values of CEIST:

  • Promoting spiritual and human development
  • Achieving quality in teaching and learning
  • Showing respect for every person
  • Creating community
  • Being just and responsible

These values are promoted in Cnoc Mhuire. To find out more click on the CEIST banner above.