Student Council

Student Council and Student Leaders

The Student Council consists of:

  • 3 Elected representatives of each year group (except 1st Years) in the school, with the exception of TY who elect 1 representative
  • A representative of staff

2017/2018 Student Council:

Class:           Class Rep:                                       Class Teacher:
1.0                 Liam Fagan                                    Sharon Rabbitt
1.1                  Laura Keyes                                   Lynda Walsh
1.2                 Erin Ross                                         Martin O’Reilly
2.0                Kaci Sheils                                       Aisling Doherty
2.1                 Luke O’ Miachain                          Kathleen Beatty
2.2                Dasheel Poinen                              Angela O’Mahony
3.0                Emma Halton                                Megan Reilly
3.1                 Daniel Lynch                                 Owen Swaine
3.2                Ava Montgomery                         Jordie Cattigan
TYX              Katie Molihan                               Jennifer Bratten
TYZ               Roc Ballostas                                Pauric Hanlon
5.0                 Laura Packenham                      Tom Birmingham
5.1                  Ciaran Sheridan                         Brenda Kearney
5.2                Gift Osabuehien                           Charmaine Hetherton
6.0                Eoin Sheridan                              Ryan Plunkett
6.1                Ronan Lynch                                Vinny Nally
6.2                Tara Mc Loughlan                      Darragh Thornthon

The aims of the Student Council are:

  • To work in partnership with the management, staff and parents of Cnoc Mhuire for the benefit of the whole school community
  • To provide a forum in which students can identify and express their concerns and make recommendations
  • To provide for improved communications between management, staff and students
  • To foster a greater community school spirit, by developing excellent working relationships between staff and students
  • To promote the values of Responsibility, Equality and Co-operation
  • To work with the principal, staff and students in providing a better school life, while adhering to the Christian ethos of the school